Text 19 Oct 5 notes Insecurities

Compared to others I don’t like who I am and comparing yourself to others isn’t a good habit to have but that’s easier said when yer not the one wishing you were dead

Text 19 Oct 2 notes "It’s not logical. You are going to crash and burn without me."

Then I will burn in the most magnificent of ways, my blaze will light up the night sky like a thousand solar flares, I will blind you and make the sun feel incompetent.

I will miss you and that’s how I know I’m doing the right thing

Text 16 Oct 3 notes Carving Out My Own Existence

I’ve got Diamond Willow dust in my lungs and I’m not sure if I’m worth 10 cents more or I’m 10 years closer to a death I wish would come sooner

Text 16 Oct 4 notes Grow Up

Did you remember to hide the cigarette inside the slit on the bottom of the passenger seat? I need my fix for my late night drive - And I’m not quite 18 yet and I’m not quite old enough for my parents to realize I’ve disappointed them.

Did you remember to hide the bottle of liquor under the rock on the south side of the lake? I need to feel big and politicians say I’m still a kid and I’m not quite old enough to have an accurate view of the world.

I’m just little kid I don’t know anything, or so they tell me.

I guess I feel old because I can’t remember a time when I was young.

Please don’t tell my parents that I’ve disappointed them

Text 15 Oct 2 notes The First 30 Seconds

You walked through my door today with your left foot, slightly pointed to the bathroom.Do you have intentions of leaving? Is your presence limited by the length of your shoe laces why are they still tied? You failed to kiss my right cheek…

Text 14 Oct 2 notes Letter To The Lost Island Lover

I won’t perceive you any differently
Hazel islands caught in a white sky
Forever remembered brilliantly,
Wild and untamed in my memory
A vivid image of your ocean body
Set sail with fair wind
Built a boat with your lips
Set adrift for the best
Left an island paradise
Before we could have regrets
I Love You, have a great life
Your Dearest

Text 11 Oct 2 notes Dear Lennie:

My muse, the absent character that a lot of my poetry points at, the base for a novella I’ll never finish. He is metaphorical but his presence was very real in my life and within me. One of a number of poems where I directly write to him

Dear Lennie:
A lonesome star haunts my movement
Pine trees tower over me temulently
An abyss laughs as it slips closer to me
Crawling caligonously
I’m surrounded
Standing precariously on the precipice
I can’t tell if writing to you helps me come to terms with your death or falsifies it
Making it seem like for a few minutes
You’re alive and next to me
And we’re laughing at the darkness
The quiet longing and loneliness that for whatever reason
Doesn’t feel so lonely
At least for tonight
Nostalgia runs through my veins like whiskey you used to sneak shots of
East Lake hasn’t changed much
Cloud Lake still reflects those silver linings just as brilliantly
As you would remember
As we could remember
Though I they don’t seem quite as defined these days
I’m still the first to get up
The first to get the fire going after a late night reverie
I’m still the last to go to bed
The last person to lay eyes on the lake
It doesn’t feel real
My thoughts reflect the emptiness that gets closer everyday
My actions reflect the indescribable uncomfortableness that bares itself onto my mind
A lone star haunts my movement
Like the Idea of growing up haunted ours
A single light millions of miles above my head is my last bit of hope
Come back Lennie
Come back

Text 10 Oct 4 notes Spoken Word


I’ve got a terrible voice, a stutter and a lisp and my poetry is less than stellar but would any of you possibly want me to record it spoken word? Anything specific (go to Summerswithoutwar for all my posted poetry) or should I just flipped a 400 sided coin/do stuff I haven’t posted?

Photo 8 Oct 3 notes The kinda thing you can expect from me in the future, paper on cedar with blood (yes, real) and Robotussin

The kinda thing you can expect from me in the future, paper on cedar with blood (yes, real) and Robotussin

Text 7 Oct 4 notes You Don’t Want To Love Me

I don’t think you want to love me
I won’t stay up all night
Trying to learn your favorite song
On an instrument I barely understand
I won’t show up on your doorstep
And use it to ask you to homecoming
No, I’m not like that
I’d convince you to sneak out
On a school night
I’d offer you a cigarette
Even though you’re16 
And still young
It’ll be a new moon
I’ll tell you how full the sky is
The wind will kiss you
Will prepare your lips
For mine
My shoes have holes in them
So does my heart and home life
My pants are tight
Like the skin that covers my bones
Walking to a rocky peninsula
The wind is heavy
Bitter and sharp
Like the rocks we will stand on
Pulling smoke from the follicles of my hair
And pores of my skin
I’m 10 feet from you
A foot over the water
This is what we got
This is what it is
It’ll be what I have
It’ll be what I am
That is how I would ask you to homecoming
You don’t want to love me
You shouldn’t have to
You shouldn’t have said yes

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