Text 15 Sep 2 notes "Sometimes I Feel Disgusted With My Body But Then I Remind Myself That It Makes You Happy"

Stick your fingers down my throat and make me feel pretty

Text 14 Sep 3 notes I Still Haven’t Thought About The Future

To pull the cat out of the burning barrel
I still want you, I still have all those mushy, gay feelings you told me I shouldn’t have even when I was supposed to have them. It’s been 5 days and there’s a distance I’ve felt that a stupid number can’t put a finger on and a broken heart dare not consider. My mind’s been racing and you know it has, you said the small things didn’t matter when you didn’t take your double-knotted shoes off when you came over the day we broke up. You said my biggest problem was that I over analyze every situation like when my best friend threw a smile at you, a smile he hasn’t thrown in the 3 years he’s known you and later that night he’d try and do something he hasn’t tried to do in the 3 years he’s known you. You told me to slow down and not think as fast, against your better judgement I haven’t stopped thinking, I haven’t put speed signs on the autobahn that is my brain, I haven’t considered it. In the time I spent writing this I’ve thought about how you were having trouble on the 5th problem of your geometry homework last Tuesday , how my dog having been born in Tennessee has only seen snowy winters and how the fingers of my left hand are 3 millimeters bigger on average than their right handed counter parts but I’m done sitting here, I’m done telling and talking about what’s on my mind, I’ve got to get up and run, I’ve got thoughts to catch up to

Text 13 Sep 2 notes "Three Words Ruined My Life"

Pity fuck me

Text 13 Sep 2 notes The Great Wall of China Was Destroyed In A Day

I’m the weaker one
If you want call me that
And you will
I’m pathetic and
Lacking a lion because
I tore down a wall that
I built tirelessly out of
Late nights
And had the pieces
Shipped to you,
Shipped to you
Used to
Build you up
Used to
Build a fleet
A gate and tower
To make you strong again
I’m the weaker one
Pathetic and
Defenseless because
I tore down my wall
So you could take my heart

Text 10 Sep 1 note "I May Have Been Abandoned But I Know Where I Am"

I carry your picture in the case of my compass so I won’t have to worry about getting lost

Text 9 Sep 2 notes "The Pharaoh Will Be Buried With Blood In His Veins and Glory In His Heart"

I’m 30,000 feet tall and my lungs are filled with Euphoria,
My, my, I wish I had someone to share this loneliness with

Text 9 Sep 1 note "A Short Story On Self-Destruction"

I am the boy that burned down a billion trees, you are the match that ignited my curiosity

Text 9 Sep "I’d Have To Reach Across The World To Hold Your Hand"

I’m walking 10,000 miles a day in hopes of getting closer to you

Text 9 Sep "I Was Never Good At Playing With A Great Hand"

I was hoping you’d call my bluff when I said it was over
Royal flush we have a winner!

Text 9 Sep 3 notes Set Me Free

Set me free

Autumn breezes roll off my feet, Michigan current up to my knees, lip stick kisses faded into suicidal wishes. Autumn breezes biting at summer hickies, Michigan current up to my belly,

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