Text 8 Apr 4 notes It Snowed 4 Inches Today

" It Snowed 4 Inches Today"
It snowed 4 inches today
Though I wasn’t counting
April 8th and warm weather
Still hasn’t arrived yet

My room is still littered; graced
With most of your possessions
I can’t help but keep all your old poems
I can’t bear to take them off the right most corner wall
Of our room
Your clothes still sit in piles mixed with
Your favorite briar
Your tin of Nightcap
I thought I’d say I miss you
Like I did in the last poem
And snow falls on wet pavement
My room still smells of perique
Your presence still lingers inside of me
The smell of you
Like the poems in your pocket
Of my jeans

Text 30 Mar 2 notes The Weekend Sucked

It seems like
You justified the last 48 hours
In one sentence
Even though
We were split apart
By miles of emotions
And an ocean
Of understanding
" The weekend could have been better"
And so it should have

Photo 28 Mar 2 notes merchantshipsinker:

" Come In Through The Backdoor" on paper and a cedar panel


" Come In Through The Backdoor" on paper and a cedar panel

Text 28 Mar 4 notes It Snowed 6 Inches Today

I writing this in a rush
In hopes of it reaching you in time
I’m not quite sure it will
The snow fell today on April 1st
It fell almost 6 inches and I thought it was a joke
The sudden cold had killed off my habanero seedlings
And the weight of the snow crushed my pine tree
The one I always called my baby
Second to only you of course
I’m writing this in a rush
In hopes of it reaching you
The bed still has all of the blankets tossed to one side
It still thinks you lay beside me,
It refuses to believe otherwise because it’s April 1st
And this should all be one big joke
But it’s not
Your tracks are still visible
In the 6 inches of snow outside my window
I miss you

Text 22 Mar 3 notes I Remember

I remember when
My biggest fear was that
I’d text you twice in one hour
And not anymore
For fear of creeping you out
That’d you toss your phone away
Pack your bags and driver away
Even though we were already miles apart
On the road and in heart
I remember when
My biggest fear was that
I’d accidentally hold you too tight
When we hugged
When we did
And you’d chop off your arms
In disgust
Bleed to death in your bathtub
I always feared
You’d bleed to death in your bathtub
I remember that night
Jared bought me a McFlurry
And he left the room
And you kissed me

Photo 22 Mar 2 notes merchantshipsinker:

Two signs I did for my poetry pen-name, taken from an old typewriter box

My more active blog


Two signs I did for my poetry pen-name, taken from an old typewriter box

My more active blog

Text 13 Mar 4 notes Invalid

I’m a second class human
To the heart you hold

Text 9 Mar 3 notes Weather Talk

Do you remember how the weather was yesterday?
“Yeah, it was sunny, Spring was at Michigan’s fingertips”
There were a few patches of snow
Wasn’t there?
And the kids
The kids were splashing in the puddles
In their boots and their snow pants
“There was and they were
It was nice to see a foreign sight feel so familiar again
I remember when we used to do that
Don’t you?”
May I hold your hand?
Of course I do!
How could I ever forget those days when
It was me and you and you and me
Those were my favorite memories
“You can, just don’t hold it for too long
You have to be going and I don’t want to keep you
I’m glad we still having something in common then
How’s the weather today?”
It’s cloudy, a touch under freezing with wind snapping
“Could you hold my hand a bit tighter?
And tomorrow?”
The same, maybe even a bit colder
And I will but I have to go soon
“That’s a shame”
It really is
I’m not sure how I feel about it
” I’m unsure about the future
But we still have that one thing in common”
And we always will dear,
We always will
“Could you let go?”
I cannot

Text 8 Mar 2 notes Dinner Date

Starts out really generic and I hate it

That day has rolled around
Across memories and paper twice since
May 24, 2011
Three in a few more months
In a few more hours before I know it
And I’ve
I’ve been alive, just so you know
Maybe not everyday since but most
I can tell you that
I hope the same for you
Rather, I hope your regrets and mine too
Have ravaged your dreams at night
Clawed at your eyes in a restless sleep
Covered your face in ten thousand crows feet
Like they have mine
A bit of makeup in the morning
Day in and day out
Almost three years now
We’ve both grown up
5 thousand crows feet down
No point In wallowing in
Stained steak knives
Dead gardens and other such things
Dinner’s done, the carrots didn’t grow
The weather’s not quite right they say
I set the table
Served seared salmon, Caesar salad
Fillet mignon served with
A glass of Chardonnay
All upon a gold pallet
Hand cooked with something exquisite
My own heart for us to dine on for dessert
You took one look at it
Too raw you told me
I smiled politely as you left early
Fucked my cousin nicely later that evening
You were the one that cooked the heart
I say to myself quite feebly
I was sitting alone
Drinking Chardonnay,
My saving angel
I was sitting alone until a peculiar boy
Sat himself down next to me

We dined on seared salmon, Caesar salad
Fillet mignon and my heart later that evening

Text 6 Mar 3 notes Buying Cigarettes ( Turning 18)

I hate the ending but it works

Turning 18 didn’t do a whole lot for me
My birthday went uncelebrated as it always does
Though not necessarily involuntary
I laid in bed and played pretend with a friend
We pretended a life for us that didn’t involve sorrow
It didn’t involve this hell-hole or deceitful people
That seemed to seep into our lives
It didn’t involve school or having our bones grow old
Cracking and separating from ourselves and one another
We pretended a life that contained much worse
Happiness and love
Youth and a halo hanging above
Our heads even though
The Seven Levels of  Hell had rejected us
Turning 18 didn’t do a whole lot for me
My mindset was still age 53
And I still worried
About when that old man inside of me
Would finally decide to die
The fucker dug his own grave
Wrote a nice epitaph on limestone
He was tempting me
To see how long I could last
Before I decided to push him in
I’m holding out
Turning 18 didn’t do a whole lot for me
I could buy cigarettes and watch pornography
I could masturbate and smoke myself to death

I walked into the run-down gas station on North Street
The cashier looked at my contrasting face
Full of youth but with sharp crow sculpted features
I asked for a pack of Reds
She looked at me
Took my ID and smiled
She had me hooked
A few years later
When my life was full of happiness and love
And I had half a lung by then
I realized
Turning 18 did a lot for me

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